Lyn Hodnett


The following paintings are mostly in acrylic on board or paper.

Click on the thumbnail images below to see enlarged pictures.

(Dimensions are approximate, unmounted).

A Mermaids Tale - 15x23cm £295

A Mermaids Tale

Ace High - 14x18cm (Sold)

Ace High

Apple Harvest - 30x40cm (Sold)

Apple Harvest

Beauty and the Beast - 22x22cm £180

Beauty and the Beast

Birds (detail)

Birds (detail)

Birds - 20x82cm £385


Blood - ('The Flood' series) 33x79cm £950


Blue Beard's Wife - 80x120cm £2500

Blue Beard's Wife

Blue Goddess - 17x22cm £255

Blue Goddess

Building Castles - 45x100cm £1500

Building Castles

Dasiy - 16x17cm £85


Earth Cycle - 30x30cm £520

Earth Cycle

Eve and Lilith - 59x65cm £1200

Eve and Lilith

Family Gathering - 15x22cm approx. £180

Family Gathering

Fens (Wide Sky) - 30x10cm approx £165

Fens (Wide Sky)

Fens Landscape - (detail)

Fens Landscape

Fish Fingers - 18x22cm £330

Fish Fingers

Fishing by Moonlight - 15x20cm approx £85

Fishing by Moonlight

Float My Boat - 30x38cm approx (Sold)

Float My Boat

Flying Trapeeze - 62x105cm £2100

Flying Trapeeze

Forbidden Fruit - 45x39cm £390

Forbidden Fruit

Gathering Stars - 15x18cm £195

Gathering Stars

Girl in a Blue Dress - (Sold)

Girl in a Blue Dress

Goddess - 76x91cm £1700


Goddess on the Shore - 50x65cm (Sold)

Goddess on the Shore

Gold Fish - 27x33cm £380

Gold Fish

Green Eyes - 13x25cm £120

Green Eyes

Growing Seed - (Sold)

Growing Seed

Guiding Star - 13x16cm £320

Guiding Star

In Search of Knowledge - 200x150cm £240

In Search of Knowledge

Indian Rope Trick - 18x70cm £380

Indian Rope Trick

Journey from the Lighthouse (detail)

Journey from the Lighthouse (detail)

Journey from the Lighthouse - 76x91cm £1700

Journey from the Lighthouse

Knowledge That Matters - 38x27cm (Sold)

Knowledge That Matters

Little Boat - 13x17cm £350

Little Boat

Little Princess - 25x20cm £275

Little Princess

Maiden Flight - 240x150cm (BA Collection)

Maiden Flight

Mermaids Golden Tale - 28x16cm (Sold)

Mermaids Golden Tale

Moon Goddess - 20x20cm £120

Moon Goddess

Mother Goose - (Mixed Media on Paper) 60x45cm approx £280

Mother Goose

Onwards and Upwards - (detail 1)

Onwards and Upwards

Onwards and Upwards - (detail 2)

Onwards and Upwards

Onwards and Upwards - (detail 3)

Onwards and Upwards

Onwards and Upwards - 76x91cm £1700

Onwards and Upwards

Portrait of a Girl - 14x25cm (Sold)

Portrait of a Girl

Setting Sail - 13x16cm £320

Setting Sail

She Will Build Castles - 14x25cm (Sold)

She Will Build Castles

Snakes and Ladders - 25x31cm £420

Snakes and Ladders

Snow White Rose Red - 22x17cm £350

Snow White Rose Red

Snow White and Rose Red - 72x55cm (Large version) £1700

Snow White and Rose Red

Stealing Cherries (detail)

Stealing Cherries (detail)

Stealing Cherries - 91x76cm £1700

Stealing Cherries

Story Tellers - 32x25cm (Sold)

Story Tellers

Striped Bube Tube - 21x33cm £150

Striped Bube Tube

Tears are a River - 13x16cm £350

Tears are a River

The Farmer - 30x70cm £850

The Farmer

The Fattening House (1) - 50x42cm £320

The Fattening House (1)

The Little Mermaid - 20x23cm (Sold)

The Little Mermaid

The Lovers (By a Window) - 33x42cm £420

The Lovers (By a Window)

The Lovers (In the Fields) - 18x23cm £380

The Lovers (In the Fields)

The Magician - (small) 45x67cm (Sold)

The Magician

The Princess's Secret - 11.5x17cm £170

The Princess's Secret

The World in Our Hands - 66x82cm £1995

The World in Our Hands

Three Sisters - 18x25cm £420

Three Sisters

To the Dark Tower - 21x23cm £380

To the Dark Tower

Toe-Nail Moon - (Sold)

Toe-Nail Moon

Too Many Cooks - 22x18cm £195

Too Many Cooks

Under a Dark Cloud - 76x91cm £1700

Under a Dark Cloud

Under the Full Moon - 22x18cm £230

Under the Full Moon

Water - ('The Flood' series) 33x79cm £950


Woman with Arms Folded - 20x30cm £180

Woman with Arms Folded

Yellow Earth - (Sold)

Yellow Earth

You Can Have Him, I Don't Want Him - (Acrylic and Mixed Media)

You Can Have Him, I Don't Want Him